Mobile Broadband Usage Calculator

Estimate how much wireless data you use on a monthly basis

Estimate how much wireless bandwidth you use each month to make sure your get the right data plan for the right price

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This tool will help you determine the approximate mobile data you will use in any given month.  It is natural for most folks to think that they need an unlimited data plan every month.  There is a certain "piece of mind" with knowing that no matter how much you use your mobile phone or wireless aircard, that you will not have any overages.  But in many cases, wireless users are simply overpaying for a service they simply do not need.
The below wireless data usage calculator usies the services and features that most people actually use.  Simply drag the buttons below to the amount of each service you expect to use and the bar on the right will show you how much data you can expect to use in a given month.

You can also visit our Wireless Carrier Cheat Sheet to find the exact codes you can type into your phone, to check realtime, the actual amount of data you are using on your phone today and how much data you have left.

Web Browsing

Emails - Sent and Received

Music Usage

TV & Video Usage

Photo uploads

Calls & Chat

Cloud Services

13+ GB
12 GB
10 GB
8 GB
6 GB
4 GB
2 GB
0 GB
Data Scale
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Recommended Data Plan Needed

Additional Examples of Average Data Amounts Per Service Used

Activity Other smartphones BlackBerry? The Mobile Internet Stick
1 email (text only) 0.02 MB 0.002 MB 0.04 MB
1 email with Word?, Excel? or PowerPoint? attachment 0.28 MB 0.02 MB2 0.21 MB
1 email with photo attachment 0.29 MB 0.34 MB 1 MB/min
1 web page (based on average of top 25 most visited sites) 0.17 MB 0.07 MB 0.29 MB
1 minute of streaming video (YouTubeTM, standard quality) 1 MB/min 1 MB/min 3 MB/min
1 instant message (50 characters in length) 0.03 MB 0.005 MB 0.03 MB
1 software application (average) N/A N/A 15 MB
1 song (4 minutes in length) 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB
1 application or game (average based on 20 most popular downloads) 4 MB 0.44 MB N/A
1 hour of online gaming (for example, PC Shooter or MMORPG) N/A N/A 30 MB/hour

Data Conversion Information :
1024 KB = 1 MB
1024 MB = 1 GB
Usage in KB x 1024 = Usage in MB
Usage in MB x 1024 = Usage in GB
Usage in GB x 1024 = Usage in MB
Usage in MB x 1024 = Usage in KB

Important Note: The numbers and estimates provided above are estimated values only. Actual bandwidth used will be determined by the individual files, images, videos and uploads that you download and upload. It is most probably that the values encountered during real-time usage will be different than the above estimates.  This mobile broadband data usage tool should only be used an approximate guide for your own usage, rather than an absolute representation or guarantee. Please regularly check and monitor your usage to ensure that you stay within the limits of your subscription.